Blasphemy case against 9 Pak men for temple damage

In what seems to be a first for Pakistan, a group of Muslim men who damaged a temple and attacked homes of Hindus during a protest in Karachi against an anti-Islam film have been charged under the country’s harsh blasphemy law, a media report said on Sunday.

Welcoming the move by the police, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan chairperson Zohra Yusuf said she had never heard of a blasphemy case registered against Muslims for damaging a house of worship.

Nine men, including Maulvi Habibur Rehman and his accomplices, have been named in the police complaint regarding the ransacking of the Sri Krishna Bhagwan Mandir in Gulshan-e-Maymar area of Karachi. The temple was vandalised during government-sanctioned protests against the film “Innocence Of Muslims” on September 21.


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A retired church priest in Kerala is giving yoga a Christian makeover

Yoga not limited to Hindus

There’s nothing wrong with the efforts of Paraykulath Ninan Paul, a retired priest, to propagate what he describes as “Christian yoga”. “Unification of all in God is the principle of yoga,” says Paul. There’s no single way of describing the essence of yoga. Or limiting it to any one religion – in this case Hinduism. The fact is that despite its Hindu roots, the practice of yoga is essentially transcendental in nature, going beyond its classical definitions and a set of physical exercises. It’s an integrated system of physical and spiritual health that can appeal across religions, attested to by its popularity across the world.

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