Beekeeping catching on in Jammu and Kashmir

A projected honey output over 500 tonnes, 7,500 beekeepers and growing, with 29,850 bee colonies between them. Beekeeping has been catching on in Jammu and Kashmir, with production having jumped from 300 tonnes in 2010 to 597 last year.

It’s a trend that also creates job avenues for the unemployed, say officials, pointing out that many educated youths are among those setting up bee colonies in the countryside because of its promise. Honey has not only a local market but also demand nationally and and internationally. In the last six years, 1,067 tonnes was exported out of the valley.



Rahul Gandhi has opened not a window, but a door for us in Kashmir: Ratan Tata

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Tata said, “It has been a real step forward to have a conversation with the great wealth of human capital that exists here. What Mr Gandhi has done is not open a window, but open a door.” 

Rahul Gandhi has opened not a window, but a door for us in Kashmir: Ratan Tata

Srinagar: Rahul Gandhi today kept his promise made to the students of Kashmir during his visit

earlier, that he would bring India Inc to the Valley. As he addressed more than 700 students in a packed Kashmir University auditorium, sharing the stage with him was a power-packed panel of India’s top industrial and corporate leaders, including Ratan Tata, Kumarmangalam Birla, Deepak Parekh and Rajiv Bajav.

Outside the auditorium a small group of students protested against Mr Gandhi’s visit, asking him go back and keep politics out of the campus.

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