Four-fold jump in the sale of organic goods in India

The domestic organic products market has witnessed a four-fold growth in the past two years. Sale of organic products is expected to touch Rs 3,700 cr by year end, which is four times more than Rs 964 cr sales in 2010, according to International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA).

“While conventional trade has registered a growth of 2% to 3%, the organic sector is growing by an average 20% per year,” said Gaurav Marya, chief executive officer of Francorp, the Indian franchise of international organic product major Moraka.

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Naysayers notwithstanding, the organic juggernaut rolls on

With a growth rate of nearly 25%, the organic food movement has nothing to fear. Studies like these are fake exercises of pseudo scientists who work for companies like Monsanto — Dr Vandana Shiva Of Navdanya

The raging debate notwithstanding, stakeholders of the organic food industry in India are upbeat about the domestic growth, which has seen exponential growth in the last five years. According to APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority), the nodal accreditation agency for organic farmers and operators, the presence of organic produce in the domestic market has grown substantially in retail. “At present, 5.56 million hectares of land is under organic certification and over five lakh farmers are registered with us in addition to several thousand grower groups and individual promoters,” says Dr P.V.S.M. Gouri of APEDA.

India’s total organic export, inclusive of food, products, textiles and dairy, for 2011-12 was worth Rs 1,800 crore. However, Gouri explains that while till about a few years ago, 70% of the organic produce was being exported to Europe and the US, now almost 60% is retained for domestic use. “Sales have never been this good. More and more retailers and producers are now entering the fray with an ever-increasing inventory of products like cereals, herbs, spices, fresh fruit, vegetables and a whole range of products,” she adds.

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